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Semi Conductive Rubber Sheet

Semi Conductive Rubber Sheet :

SANDHYAFLEX conductive sheets are majorly used for consistent quality and precision. We offers these sheets in various of standard sizes such as 1000mm x 2000m as well as thickness of 1mm to 25mm and can also modify the resources according to the client's requirement. The sheets have plain finish surface in Black colors only. The sheets are applicable on power plant, transformer stations and electricity distributing stations. Good polymers are Natural Rubber, Neoprene and EPDM that can be use for this.

The rubber is made conductive by incorporating small conductive metal particles throughout the material. It can provide an EMI-proof and watertight seal in narrow constructions. Electrically conductive rubbers are typically used for EMI applications. But they are also useful for EMP protection, wave-guide applications and against static electricity. The rubber can be filled with silver, nickel, silvered glass, silvered aluminium, or graphite (only for ESD). Commercial EMI applications often choose Nickel-graphite conductive rubber (Part number 5760) or Graphite conductive rubber from a costs point of view, while military and aerospace applications often call for Silver copper silicone conductive rubber to meet Mil-G-83528C specifications. In military or aerospace. As the material shields high frequencies, electrically conductive rubber shows a shielding effect of 60 dB at 30MHz ~ 10GHz. Due to its excellent conductivity, grounding, and EMI shielding effect, it is well suited for military communications equipment.

It excels in conductivity at the volume specific resistance value 103惟路m to 105惟路m.

Applications :

  • A medium to provide electrical conductivity across a gasket flange interface
  • Shielding gaskets for the military, aerospace, electronics and communications.

Physical Properties Parameters Uom Result
1. Thickness mm 1.0mm t0 25.0mm
2. Color Ohm/cm Black
3. Shore A Shore A 55 ; 5
4. Surface - Glossy
5. Surface Resistence 103Ω·m to 105Ω·m 106 to 109
6. Temperature resistence *C -40 – 200
7. Tensile Strength Mpa >6,0
8. Compression Deformation % 55% Max
9. Surface RESISTANCE RANGE: 10^3-10^5 10^3-10^5

Features and Benefits of Semi Conductive Rubber Sheet :

  • Unique electrical conductivity level is undoubtedly one of the special attributes of offered conductive items used in Chemical & Explosive Industries
  • These are protected against wear and rust
  • Easy to install
  • These are perfect for protecting household apparatus and all sorts of electronic items against damages

Conductive Rubber Sheet Features and Benefits :

Availability :

  • Fully-cured (with heat and pressure in a moulding press), conductive sheet stock
  • Can be moulded into shapes, die-cut, or extruded, depending on the application
  • Colours: Black

Our Products :

The company specializes in designing, engineering, developing and marketing following products. These products are sold under brand name- INDUS.

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