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Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber Expansion Joint :

Rubber Expansion Joint : Sandhya Enterprises AN ISO:9001;2015 Certified Company is manufacture and Supplier of Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow per customer Specification: We offer ranges of standard as well as custom manufactured bellows to cater for many applications from heavy industry to food quality. The selection of bellows design, open:close ratios, stroke length, convolution width, split or endless configuration, and materials will depend on your specific application.

Where molded bellows are not suitable, a range of hand-built rubber bellows are available including tapered and smooth bore.

Our hand-built rubber bellows are designed to absorb motion and displacement between pipe flanges.

For more than 50 years, Shah India Rubber has stood at the forefront of fluid sealing technology. Our history of growth and success is rooted in our commitment to deliver the most innovative sealing solutions and unparalleled service to the world’s processing industries. Rubber Expansion Joints protect equipments and piping from damage caused by vibration and thermal movements. While not their primary purpose, they are also frequently used to accommodate equipment misalignments. Rubber expansion joints provide superior flexibility, movement absorption, and cycle life, while resisting chemical attack and abrasion.

They are useful over a wide range of temperatures & pressures, making them the preferred expansion joint for most liquid and slurry applications, though gases & solids are also frequently conveyed by rubber expansion joints.

Function of rubber expansion joints :

  • Damp oscillation, noise and vibration
  • Compensate motion
  • Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature
  • Reduce tension
  • Compensate ground and foundation settling
  • Compensate imprecise assembly
  • Serve as assembly and disassembly aids
  • Provide an elastic wall seal for penetration assemblies
  • Compensate pipeline movements Three features set Industrial       Moulders Expansion Joint technology apart :

    • Test pressure upto 24 bar (upto 300NB)
    • Cyclic movement test for 5000 cycles under design pressure conducted on sizes 1600NB, 2100NB and 2200NB bellows.
    • Manufactured sizes upto 3600mm (144 inches)*.
    • Safety factor built in upto4:1.
    • Low spring rates.
    • Greater movement per arch.
    • Manufactured in single or multiple arches.
    • Choice of eight liner elastomers
    • Choice of cover to match liner materials or different materials for better resistance to external conditions.
    • Filled or unfilled arches.
    • Galvanised carbon steel or stainless steel split backup rings.
    • Can be built with permanent offset to compensate for existing or designed piping misalignment
    Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow


    100NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow
    150NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow
    250NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow
    300NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow


    350NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow
    400NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow
    500NB Rubber Expansion Joint Bellow