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Dredge Delivery Rubber Hose

Dredge Delivery Rubber Hose :

Construction :

Core : Black colour, Synthetic and natural rubber blend resistant to abrasion.

Reinforcement : High Tensile Synthetic Textile cord.

Cover : Black colour, Synthetic rubber resistant to ozone, weather and abrasion.

Application : These are heavy duty rubber hoses manufactured by “SANDHYAFLEX” that can be used for vacuum suction of sand, concrete, crushed rocks and other type of abrasive solid/semi solid material. Hoses are required to have high strength and abrasion resistance for this kind of function and hence we have come up with rubber hose for sand and gravel. Highly abrasion resistant hoses used in sand and gravel pits, dredging, mining, coal and grain handling.

Product Name :

  • Dredge Hose
  • Dredge Delivery Rubber Hose
  • Dredge Floating Rubber Hose

The Dredging Industry, Today, Demands Higher efficiency and biffer capacity as the scale of reclamation works and dredging works has become much larger and discharge hoses, today face extremely severe service conditions.

SANDHYAFLEX has developed Dredging hoses to withstand such severe conditions with our advanced technologies and rich experience in the polymer industry.

Application : SANDHYAFLEX brand dredge hoses can be used for following applications (but it is always advisable to seek our expers’s advice before subjecting it to an application)

  • Suction and Jet Water Hose in trun union Joint Suction Pipe.
  • Expansion Joint in pump room and loading line.
  • Bucket hose in barge loading line cutler dredger.
  • Suction hose in gimbals Joint Suction line.
  • Expansion and reducer joint & all dredging Suction and Discharge application on ports. Canals. Lakes, rivers etc.
  • Suitable to handle sluury, mud, sill etc.

Features :

Easy to Install. Long service time

Wonderful Flexibility, Hight Quality.

Excellent abrasion -resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Suitable working temeperature from-20oC to +50oC

Bending Freely in the water, bending angle in working condition is from 0-90 Deg.

Inner liner.outer rubber cover,skeletion layer,wearing colored indicator layer.

Dredge self-floating discharge hose can withstand high pressure work, floating layer can prevent water absorption

Working Pressure and Flanges can be customized.

SANDHYAFLEX Dredge Hose specially designed and compounded thicker lining compounds suitable to handle Slurry. Mud and Other types of dredge material. Reinforced with multiples piles of hi-Tensile cords suitably impregnated with Rubber Discontinues steel rings are provided to take care of suction/ crush resistance. And avoid kinking and to improve the sturdiness of the hose Abrasion resistant. Weather Resistant. Sea water resistant rubber specially compounded outer cover.

Range :

SANDHYAFLEX manufacture dredge hoses starting from 200mm ID to 1000mm ID size, duly rubberized built in steel/rubber Flanges with MS Back up plates on both ends.

Testing Pressure 100% of hoses are hydro statically Testes for a proof pressure 20kg/sq cm is the maximum working pressure (W.P) and are designed for minimum Burst Pressure 4 Times of WP.



SANDHYAFLEX Suction Hose are designed to achieve high bending capabilities even under severe service conditions, Therefore the designs are selected depending on ID of hose with required bending angle and acceptable built in length. This type of hose will be built as ring type, out side smooth ,helix type , armored type or any other special type of Hose as per customer’s specific requirement and field application.


SANDHYAFLEX Designers will select the most appropriate materials from a wide range of products available to us to meet the service condition and demand requested by our client with regards to wear resistance, pressure ratings , Tensile Strength, bending capabilities and other physical parameters.

In general the Rubber Hose Consists of an inner lining adjusted to the Specific requirement of transfer media through it and its construction determined as follows.

  • Wear indicator layers can be implemented in the hoses as per the abrasiveness of the transfer media.
  • A Textiles reinforcement and steel wire of high tensile Strength will control the pressure resistance of the hose as well as the tensile strength.
  • Whereas as Rubber compound highly resistant against weathering. UV lights, and sea water resistance builds up the outer cover.


Natural Rubber

Steel Skeleton

Synthetic Rubber

Smooth NR

Strong Textile Fibers

We believe that branded quality raw materials are the kev factor in manufacturing premium specialty hose and also to maintain consistency of quality of the product.

Wear liner composition is critical to the performance of hose. With over 22 years of industry experience, we have the expertise to select h best composition for your specified application. Our extensive knowledge of wear performance compound ensures that our products built to last.

SANDHYAFLEX hoses are created using traditional reinforcement materials such as nylon or polyester. Alternate Materials, such as Kevlar, may also be used Reinforcement cord materials are selected to complement our designs during the engineering process.