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Bridge Expansion Joints

Bridge Expansion Joints:

The Strip Seal Expansion Joint system is a unique concept for effectively sealing expansion joints in bridges and structures with movements up to 125 mm. Single-Seal Expansion Joints are available in different versions for constructive systems exposed to traffic. In all types of constructive systems there is clear distinction between the two main functions "inflexible anchoring" and "watertight connection“. This allows for best possible adjustment of the two components sealing profile and edge construction to the conditions of the traffic road.

Bridge Expansion Joints Joint Key Features:

  • Mechanically Locked Seal
  • Continuous Sealing Elements
  • Racking movement capability (Selective profile of Sealing Element)
  • Self Debris Expelling Capability
  • Less prone to Abrasion

Bridge Expansion Joints Description :

The Bridge deck expansion joints is an important element in the functioning of bridge structures. When joints fail to fnction properly they can create problem out of proprtion to their size. Selection of a good joints for use can create fewer bridge maintenance problems there for Indian Ministery of Roads Transport & Highways (MORT& H ) has setup certain guidelines for the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Bridge Expansion Joints in India.

Types Of Bridge Expansion Joints we Design, Manufacture, Supply, Replace, Supervision & Installation


is used for smaller range movements from 0 to 40mm. It consist of two angles with an elastomeric seal. The seal is installed in compressed position This Joint is ideal for replacement of old joint and for new project.

Bridge Expansion Joints :

Bridge Expansion Joints is used for medium movement from 0 to 80mm. It consists of two edge profiles with an elastomeric seal in between. The edge profiles are generally cast into a noising of the structure. These joints expected performance life more than twenty five years. This is most popular and expected joint system among Bridge Consultants and Engineers worldwide.

Design Chart

SS-80 40 80
SS-130 60 180


Modular Strip Seal Expansion joint is used for large movement from 0 to 2000mm. In addition to edge profiles, it has a series of supported intermediate beams and sseaks in a modular way to accommodate the movement of the joints. Each seal have a capacity to accommodate movement upto 80mm.

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