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Elastomeric Bridge Bearing

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing:

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing the company has segregated its infrastructure into several units and one of them is packaging unit wherein we meticulously pack our Elastomeric Bridge Bearing for ensuring safe and secure deliveries. For the safe storage of the entire lot, we have installed our own facility that is laced with all the modern amenities for complete quality satisfaction.

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Features :
  • Strong design
  • Simple installation
  • High quality

Use : Allows movement in any direction

Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Applications :

  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Auditoriums
  • Stadiums etc.
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Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Technical Details :

Sr No. Test Unit Specification and Testing Method Specimens
1 Hardness IRHD IS: 3400 (Part II) Cl. 4.0mm (min ) thickness of Test specimen
2 Tensile Strength MPa IS:3400 ( Part I) Thick- 2.0 +.0.20mm
3 Elongation at Break % Table 1 Type -1 Width 6.0 + 0.40mm Bench Mark-25..0mm (max)
4 Adhesion Strength (Metal to Rubber KN/M IS:3400 ( Part XIV) Cl.3.3 Length -125mm Width-25mm

Width-25mm 1 g (min)
5 Ash Content % IS:3400 (Part XXII) 1 g (min)
6 Polymer Identification Chemically Cl. A-8.3.1 IS
7 Percentage of Polymers % IS 0.5 g (min)
8 Compression Set % IS: 3400 (Part X) Cl. 5.1 Thick -12.5 + 0.50mm
9 Elastic Modulus MPa IRC 83 (Part II) Dia-29 + 0.50mm
2 Nos from Finish
10 Shear Modulus MPa 1987, UIC 772 -2R Product
11 Ultimate Compression Strength MPa and MORTH One Specimen size of 100x200mm (Cutting Piece from Finish product.)
12 Stripping Strength (Adhesion Strength) MPa Two Specimen size of 100x 100mm (Cutting from Finish Product)
13 5MPa and 15 MPa Deflection Test MPa IRC 83 (Part II) 1987, and MORTH 100% on finish Product.