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Omega Seal Expansion Joint

Omega Seal Expansion Joint:

Main components are Omega Seals, Steel Plates and Nut & Bolts.

  • Omega Seal Expansion Joint for Railway Bridges.
  • Surface shall be 1% slope in order to get water drained as shown in       figure.
  • Steel bolt shall be inserted into the recess made in the deck and to       be filled with M 35 grade concrete.
  • Cap seal to be positioned on both sides of the decks such a       manner that the omega shape covers the gap and the plain surface       are perfectly sat on the deck slab.
  • Galvanized steel plate(80 X 80mm) having oblong hole (40 X       20mm) to be placed on the plain surface of the seals at both sides       such a manner the bolt is inserted through the oblong hole. Seal       also to be punched with a hole suiting to oblong hole of the steel       plate to enable to get inserted through the bolt.
  • Nut to be tightened on every bolt properly and tack welded to       ensure the locking.
  • On completion of installation, every aspects to be checked for       proper installation.
  • Wearing coat shall be done with proper care without disturbing       the seal.
  • It is hot dip galvanized steel plate of 80mm wide x 8mm thickness       with oblong holes of 40 x 20mm in every one meter.
  • The rigid bolt will be anchored to the both decks by reinforced       concrete, in every one meter, all along. After installation
  • elastomeric seal and steel plate inserting into the bolts       anchored in the decks, the nut to be tightened well and tack
  • Welded. The dimension of the bolt will be 16mm dia @ 400c/c.
  • It is made out of chloroprene elastomer to the shape Omega,by       compression moulding process. The seal with omega
  • shaped design will be cast as single unit in a mould and vulcanized       under uniform heat and pressure. The mould used for
  • manufacturing such seal will be free from defects and will have       polished surfaces in order to get the elastomeric seals free
  • From any surface blemishes.
  • Chloroprene elastomer is used to manufacture such seals and they       are with low crystallization rates and adequate shelf
  • Life. Generally Neoprene WRT, Bayprene 110, Skyprene B5 and       Denka S 40V are used as raw material of Chloroprene
  • Elastomer.
  • Hardness: 63 (+/-) 5 in shore A scale
  • Tensile strength: 17Mpa Minimum
  • Elongation at break: 400% Minimum
  • Compression set: 35% Maximum
  • 28. - Change in hardness: + 15 Maximum
  • 29. - Change in tensile strength: - 15% Maximum
  • 30. Change in elongation: - 40% Maximum.

  • Omega Seal Expansion Joint