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Chequired Electrical Rubber Mat

Chequired Electrical Rubber Mat:

Chequired Electrical Rubber Mat “SANDHYA ENTERPRISES” is a Manufacturer and Supplier of electrical rubber insulating mats as per IS 5424:1969. We offer premium quality rubber mat for electrical purpose. Electrical Rubber Mat is highly recommended for the safety of the workmen against the electrical hazards. These Electrical Rubber Mats are highly economical and suitable for general use also. However, we recommend use of Insulated Rubber Mats as per latest Indian Standard i.e IS 15652:2006 for electrical insulation.

The material used in our insulating rubber mat are made out of natural rubber having good electrical resistance and mechanical properties. They are available from 6mm to 25mm thickness in standard size of 1M x 2M with Checkered or Fluted Design. Manufacturer’s Test Certificate is provided along with the supply.

Sandhya insulating rubber mats are designed for the use as floor covering for the protection of workers on AC (alternate current) DC (direct current) installations with the system voltages upto 66kV AC and 240V DC, in accordance with Bureau of Indian Standard IS 15652 : 2006, which supersedes previous IS 5424 of 1969.

Sandhya electrical resistance insulation mats are made from vulcanized rubber compound free from fabric insertions and fibrous materials and it is guaranteed for the period of 18months from the date of dispatch or 12months from the date of usage whichever is earlier. In case of failure, our scope of warrantee limit only to the repairs or replacement.

Chequired Electrical Rubber Mat

Technical Details

Sr No. Test Unit Specification and Testing Method Specimens
1 Hardness IRHD IS: 3400 (Part II) Cl. 4.0mm (min ) thickness of Test specimen
2 Tensile Strength MPa IS:3400 ( Part I) Thick- 2.0 +.0.20mm
3 Elongation at Break % Table 1 Type -1 Width 6.0 + 0.40mm Bench Mark-25..0mm (max)
4 Adhesion Strength (Metal to Rubber KN/M IS:3400 ( Part XIV) Cl.3.3 Length -125mm Width-25mm

Width-25mm 1 g (min)
5 Ash Content % IS:3400 (Part XXII) 1 g (min)
6 Polymer Identification Chemically Cl. A-8.3.1 IS
7 Percentage of Polymers % IS 0.5 g (min)
8 Compression Set % IS: 3400 (Part X) Cl. 5.1 Thick -12.5 + 0.50mm
9 Elastic Modulus MPa IRC 83 (Part II) Dia-29 + 0.50mm
2 Nos from Finish
10 Shear Modulus MPa 1987, UIC 772 -2R Product
11 Ultimate Compression Strength MPa and MORTH One Specimen size of 100x200mm (Cutting Piece from Finish product.)
12 Stripping Strength (Adhesion Strength) MPa Two Specimen size of 100x 100mm (Cutting from Finish Product)
13 5MPa and 15 MPa Deflection Test MPa IRC 83 (Part II) 1987, and MORTH 100% on finish Product.